Six Constant Mitzvos


Cultivate the greatest possible relationship with the greatest possible benefits.


6 Constant Mitzvot: #2 – Don’t Believe In Any Other Power by Rabbi Noach Weinberg Ztl

Who runs the show around here anyway? You — or God? Deciding this once and for all is a constant life challenge

6 Constant Mitzvot: #3 – God Is One by Rabbi Noach Weinberg Ztl

Good, evil, success, failure. Life is full of challenges that distract us from the underlying truth that the only reality is God’s existence.

6 Constant Mitzvot: #4 – Love God by Rabbi Noach Weinberg Ztl

A passionate desire to connect with the Almighty is a constant human striving. So how do we know if we’re connecting?

6 Constant Mitzvot: #5 – Fear God by Rabbi Noach Weinberg Ztl

Human instinct is to run from fear. Judaism teaches that fear of God is a positive motivator for greatness.

6 Constant Mitzvot: #6 – Don’t Be Misled By Your Heart and Eyes by Rabbi Noach Weinberg Ztl

God wants us to enjoy the pleasures of the physical world. The mistake is when we make materialism an end unto itself.

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