Just 1 Challah

Just 1 Challah

By: Kiruv.com

I joined Project Toronto’s amazing hafroshas challah campaign, in which I gave a challah to a non-frum woman I know for Rosh Hashana. The woman that received the challah was overwhelmed with emotion. She could not believe the spontaneous kindness and warmth she received. She asked me to please show her how to make challah. We baked challah together on Erev Rosh Hashana. The woman made the bracha and separated challah for the first time and it was an extremely moving experience. Her face was glowing with delight the entire time. I then offered her an Artscroll machzor for Rosh Hashana and encouraged her to go to a frum shul nearby. The woman had an unbelievable Rosh Hashana. She enjoyed the davening immensely with the help of the Artscroll machzor, and felt more connected to Yiddishkeit than ever before. She felt the need to continue growing in her religiosity and as a person. This is the email I received after Rosh Hashana, “You just completed OFFICIALLY the most meaningful holiday I’ve ever had. It was indescribable because from last night until tonight I felt so completely and wholeheartedly connected to something I’ve never been connected to before. The sense of community and “coming home” were so overwhelming!!! The shul was great!! I’ve never seen a mechitza before… And the women didn’t really pray, just kinda mumbled while the men sang (which I’m also not used to). But the machzor was my lifeline and helped SO MUCH to keep me connected and grounded. I don’t know what to say. I’m exploding with smiles. You’ve given me a gift…a renewed sense of self, and am all TOO eager to be better, smarter, more patient, easier going, strong willed, and just an overall better friend/ person. Do you realize the value of the gift? Really…” After Yom Tov, she began taking kashrus classes and has since kashered her kitchen! The effect of the gift of one little challah is astounding!

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