Helping Others

Helping Others

by Rabbi Mordichai Gelber

Chazal (Avodah Zara 9A) teach that this world will exist for 6,000 years–with the middle 2,000 being described as “Torah,” and the final 2,000 being described as “Yemos HaMoshiach.” Fascinatingly, Chazal teach that the middle 2,000 years of Torah began at the time of “Ve’Es HaNefesh Asher Asu BeCharan–at the time that Avraham Avinu began to influence those around him to leave Avodah Zara and come close to Hashem.” Chazal, then, do not describe the 2,000 years of “Torah” as beginning from when Avraham Avinu began to study Torah and come close to Hashem himself, but rather from the time that he brought others close to Torah. What a great lesson for his descendants! The Era of Torah can only begin when it is valued enough to share it with others, and not merely keep it for oneself. If one truly desires to demonstrate his feelings for Torah, the primacy and importance of Torah and Mitzvos in his life, then he will make it a point to go out of his way to relate a Dvar Torah that has just moved or inspired him; he will help someone properly practice a Mitzvah or Halacha that he is obviously weak in; and/or arrange for a weekly study partner with an emphasis on Kiruv–either Kiruv Kerovim or Kiruv Rechokim. Avrohom Avinu, Chazal show, is not only the Master of Chesed–he is the Master of Torah–and they both begin with the same Yesod, with the same foundation–sharing that which is easier to hold on to and keep to yourself–with others




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