“Hashem Tzilchah” – Hashem Your Shadow


itmThis learning should be L’zecher Nishmos
Yaakov Naftali ben Avraham  ZT”L
Eyal ben Uriel ZT”L
Gilad Michael ben Ofir ZT”L


“Hashem Tzilchah” – Hashem Your Shadow

by: Rabbi Chaim Sampson

We are all in great pain at the recent loss to the families and to our People of such special and unique neshamos (souls), may they be remembered as a blessing, whose lives were taken in such a brutal way – a way that leaves us all feeling totally violated.

We cannot claim to understand the whys of Hashem’s Hashgachah (Divine Providence). We do, however, see that there seems to be a continuing theme. We lost our “sons” some months back. We lost our “brothers” at war. Now we are losing our “fathers”. May Hashem have mercy.

I do not know the answers, but the theme of these emails and the message we are trying to convey remains the same. We should surely continue to work on ourselves, to grow, to be better people, to care about our family – our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our fathers and mothers …in their merit.

So – to continue (after a gap for which I apologize) – here are some personal thoughts:

The Possuk describes our relationship to Hashem as “Hashem tzilchah”, Hashem is your shadow. The commentators explain that this means that the way we act to each other, is the way Hashem will act to us. Whatever we do, Hashem – as our shadow – will do likewise.

Let us consider the gravity of our situation:

a) We do not have a Beis haMikdosh, a Temple.  Sinas Chinam (baseless hatred) is surely still prevalent amongst us. We can and must change this.
b) Am Yisroel, the Jewish People, is assimilating as a nation at increasing and staggering rates. It is surely our responsibility to care about the spiritual plight of our brothers and sisters, 90% of whom are lacking a basic awareness and connection to Hashem and His Torah. We can and must try to change this too.

“Hashem Tzilchah” – When we care enough to do something to resolve these issues, Hashem responds and takes care of us and the difficult issues we face.

When we put in that extra effort to make someone feel special, Hashem shows us how special we are to Him.
When we stretch the limits of what it means to give to each other, Hashem stretches the limits of His giving to us.
When we are forgiving and overlook own kovod (honor), Hashem overlooks His own Kovod and forgives us.
When we overcome our own anger for another, Hashem transforms His strict judgment to mercy.
When we go out of our way to help with the physical and spiritual needs of our people, Hashem will go out of His way to take care of all of our physical and spiritual needs.

Let us live with the Torah of Ahavas Chinam and spread it to all. Let us love and care for each other with no holds barred. Let us see each other’s physical and spiritual needs as our own. Let us realize that we are brothers and sisters and that we have an Avinu Shabashamayim, a Father in Heaven, who loves us and cares for us, His children. Let us continue to care for each other, in their merit, and may we, as a consequence, merit to see Hashem “Our Shadow” respond with an Infinite love…“in kind.”




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