6th Annual Project Inspire Convention Highlights

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Havdallah with Yehuda Green & Shira PIC 2015

Tisha B’av Film Presentation PIC 2015

Rabbi Elya Brudny
Keynote Address At The 2015 Project Inspire Convention

Full Tribute to R’ Dovid Winiarz z”l PIC 2015

Rabbi Chaim Sampson PIC 2015

Kommon Kiruv Kwestions PIC 2015

Rabbi Boruch Chait Highlights PIC 2015

Rivie Schwebel Highlights PIC 2015

Dr. Stuart Hytman PIC 2015

Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro

Dayan Yonasan Abraham
2015 Project Inspire Convention Farewell And Closing Remarks

Project Inspire – Who We Are

Poland Promo Film 2015

Shabbat Retreat 2015 Promo

Rabbi Gavriel Friedman
Making The Most Of A One-On-One Relationship – What To Say And How To Say It

Rabbi Eliyahu Bergstein
Doing Mitzvot That Impact Generations

Rabbi Mordechai Becher
The Rabbis Made Me Do It – Authenticity Of The Oral Law

Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein
Growing Up In The Shadow Of The Holocaust

Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein
The Art Of Constructive Criticism

Rabbi Eytan Feiner
President’s Day And The Role Of The True “Nassi”: From Moshe Rabbeinu To Mashiach

Rabbi Yitchak Feldheim
Obstacles To Inspiration – The Chiller, The Kvetch And The Snob – Understanding And Motivating The Uninspired Heart

Rabbi Gavriel Friedman
Practical Kiruv – Yaakov And The Well, How To Approach “Our Brothers” And Why They’ll Listen

Rabbi Mordechai Becher
From Cairo To Cambridge – Treasures Of Cairo’s Jews

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