Free Trip to Israel

Dear Project Inspire Participants

Young Jewish adults often find themselves at crossroads in life without a clear idea of what direction is best.  They may have undergone experiences that left them confused, or they may harbor yet-unanswered questions about their lives, or about Judaism.

A remarkable opportunity for such young Jews to become better acquainted with their spiritual heritage and their land lies in “Aspire To Ascend.”

This special Birthright-sponsored (free) trip to Israel is a unique opportunity for self-discovery for young people who, although raised observant, may have drifted from that upbringing. The trip is planned for August, and I will be privileged to conduct the program.  The end of the trip will coincide with the new z’man at Yeshivos such as Kesher TJ and Yesod Chai Israel, providing opportunities for participants, if they so choose, to remain in Israel for a period of yeshiva study.

Do you know anyone who you feel might benefit from this opportunity?  If so, please contact me as soon as possible, by e-mailing .

Many thanks,
Ariel Rubenstein (formerly of Aish HaTorah)


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