The leadership conference held by JInspire was extremely successful on many levels. It succeeded in bringing together the leaders of each individual branch in a setting that was extremely conducive to collaboration and which truly created an atmosphere of a unified team with a shared goal. The program facilitated the sharing of ideas, strategies and challenges common to all groups and allowed us to benefit from the past experience of each group in navigating these challenges.

On another level, the conference inspired us by exposing us to respected Rabbanim who have dedicated their lives to the very goal we are trying to achieve as laymen- namely “Kiruv Rechokim”. It provided an opportunity for dialogue with Rabbi’s Sampson and Barnett and thereby allowed us benefit from their wisdom and vast experience in successful kiruv work. In addition, we had the great privilege to hear directly from Rabbi Berkowitz regarding his general perspective on our shared endeavor. The ability to ask him questions was a wonderful feature of the program and his answers will truly be able to guide us in appropriately guiding our women in their Jewish journey toward connection with G-d.

Another conference highlight for me was the session given by Edana on the topic of leadership. That session really helped put into perspective what our specific goal should be. Before that session was given, I had thought that our goal was to inspire our participants to recognize and feel God in their lives. Edana’s leadership session highlighted the difference between management and leadership and emphasized that the ultimate goal of leadership is not only to effectively manage and lead an effort to inspire others, but rather to inspire others to become leaders. Therefore, after that session it became clear to me that the ultimate goal for JInspire is not only to inspire our participants, but rather, to give them the tools that they need to inspire their family, friends and others etc. It is the only way to truly increase our capacity to enrich the lives of so many more Jews and ultimately share the gift of feeling Hashem in our lives.

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