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Getting to Know the Visionary of the Aspire Newsletter: Mrs. Sandy Schiff

Mrs. Sandy Schiff is a woman with a powerful passion and drive for helping the Jewish world. Originally from Philadelphia, she moved to Denver when she was a young girl and has made the Rocky mountain state her home now for many decades, raising three beautiful children and now has 8 grandchildren. 

Just reaching Mrs. Schiff by phone and email was an adventure as she wears many important hats in Colorado and serves so many important roles. She keeps a packed scheduled, sharing her time with family, friends and 5 boards she serves on. She spends her time volunteering her broad talents and skills to work for the Jewish people. She says; “I just love helping the Jewish world in a volunteer capacity!” She is on the boards of her local Hadassah group, Beth Jacob High School, Yeshiva Toras Chaim, and Keshet of the Rockies. She has served on the Aish HaTorah Board of Governors since its inception in 2009.   

She is serving so many diverse demographics in her volunteer leadership roles. She helps women and men learn more about their Jewish heritage, high school boys and girls and even a Denver group of special needs children who need occupational and physical therapy while attending Jewish day schools. 

In awe of her tremendous diverse energy and spirit, Mrs. Schiff shared why it was her vision for us at Project Inspire to start the Aspire Newsletter in the first place. She said she feels very strongly that it is the women in communities who love to connect to each other and that she saw that there needed to be a forum to share best practices across cities. She realizes with all her years of volunteer experience for the Jewish people, that it is the women who are very creative and committed to what they are doing for their communities and they like to bond together. She hopes the Aspire newsletter can be an additional valuable tool for the Project Inspire volunteers to learn and grow for many years to come.  Mrs. Schiff also added; “In my 50 years of volunteering, I see it it’s the women who are the best fundraisers, they step right up to the plate, they like to be active and connect and get things done!”

Thank you Mrs. Schiff for your vision and inspiration!