Women’s Hampton Retreat

By: Carena Lowenthal

I had such an amazing time on the Project Inspire Hamptons Retreat – it’s hard to put into words.  Fun, learning, friendship, first times, beauty, love, trust and G-d all come to mind. It was truly a gift in so many regards. Starting with the first day, meeting up in Queens for a short brunch and packing up the buses – the love, laughter, easy banter and friendship abounded. We did two fun get-to-know each other/reunite activities and then went off to the Hamptons. We learned from Slovie, Devorah and other speakers and leaders so much about gratitude, perspective, meaning, and living a full Jewish life. We shared so much with each other and made new friendships and connections. We explored new places, both internally and physically. We were surrounded with love, support and kindness. Everything was done seamlessly, professionally, personally and spiritually. This was truly a short glimpse of paradise with memories to last a lifetime. I’m so grateful I was able to participate in this journey and be a part of this amazing group.

I’m also grateful for my learning partner, Golda, who has been my partner since the first Queens trip in December 2012. We have learned together almost every week since our trip nine years ago, and I was so fortunate to spend these three days with her again; learning, laughing, sharing, and of course – the ropes course – we will never forget these amazing times together.

From Golda Fried:
Experiencing this awesome trip with Carena, who started as my learning partner but has since become so much more – sister/ friend/confidant/coach – was truly a gift from Hashem for which I will be eternally grateful!