The leadership conference held by JInspire was extremely successful on many levels. It succeeded in bringing together the leaders of each individual branch in a setting that was extremely conducive to collaboration and which truly created an atmosphere of a … Read More

The Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom The primal cry of the shofar expresses the deepest core of a person that words alone cannot reach. by Rabbi Doniel Baron (taken from aish.com)   The sound of the shofar is the call to freedom. The … Read More

Identifying Your Life’s Mission

Identifying Your Life’s Mission This Rosh Hashanah, electrify your life with purpose. By: Sara Yocheved Rigler (Taken from aish.com)   After six months of working for the company, it’s time for your evaluation. You walk into the boardroom, where three … Read More

Elul: The Time for Closeness

Elul: The Time for Closeness With only 30 days left in the year, Elul is a time of yearning, forgiveness and return. by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller (Taken from Aish.com)   “Remember! Only 30 more shopping days left!” The last week of … Read More