Recent Outreach Questions

The questions and answers that follow apply to people of all levels or backgrounds in Judaism who are interested in sharing their heritage with someone less knowledgeable or connected. Whether you have been observant all your life, or whether you are at another point in your Jewish Journey, we all want to be more effective and sensitive about sharing our Judaism with others. Here are some great tips, ideas and suggestions culled from questions that we have been asked by people just like you.
There are a few people in my life whom I would like to connect more to Judaism. How do I go about this? What is the first step? I would appreciate some help and guidance. Thank you so much!
We regularly host Birthright participants and other such trips for shabbat lunch. We are trying to figure out the best way to talk to them and open them up to asking questions and seeing Judaism as something more. If you have suggestions for topics of conversations or questions to ask them, we would really appreciate it.
My colleague tells me that he believes in G-d and the Torah and thinks it is all truth. However, he says he is not interested in getting more connected to religion because a religious lifestyle means no fun. What do you answer such a person?
I have cousins who have negative views of religious Jews. It is a shame because while I myself am not religious, I respect the practices of all Jews to do as they believe. Any suggestions on how to respond when this topic comes up at a family gathering?
Our neighbors are Jewish, do you have any suggestions on how we can connect to them and help them connect to their Judaism?
A Jewish holiday is coming up, how can I let my friend know about it?
I recently met a business acquaintance who is completely unaffiliated but he occasionally expresses interest in things related to Judaism. I'm looking for guidance on what I can share with him to help him further explore his Jewish Heritage.
I feel very passionately about my Judaism and would like to share it with others. The problem is that I feel like I don't know enough. How can I reach out when I am just a regular person with no extensive Jewish knowledge? What will I do if someone asks me a Jewish question that I do not know how to answer?
I work in a center for special needs children which hires many Jews of all religious backgrounds. Some of the women show much interest in connecting to their Judaism more but I am having a hard time knowing what to do besides being nice and setting a good example? On Purim I gave the teachers I work with a small Mishloach Manos package - it was so special to see how touched they were, one almost to tears! But now what? Thanks for your help.